Dr. Tom Habib continues to be a valued guest in the live conversations of The Wisdom Factory. He appeared in December 2018 and again in Februar 2019 in the shows co-hosted by Heidi Hornlein and Martin Ucik. In the December edition we focused on the How-tos, what do couples actually need to do to grow up together, what behaviour needs to be developed and which mindset, in order to actually grow up and not get stuck in a lower level of the couples development.

The February conversation brought some really surprising new findings about how real deep intimacy can be found between 2 people. Tom introduces the positions A= Adult and C= child to indicate the possible interactions between two people and he lays out which combinations are healthy and helpful in which moments of a couple’s life.

In the charts you can find the theory, while in the video, towards the end, you find a fun quizz. Tom asks Heidi and Martin to decide which verbal expressions come from an A position and which come from the C position. It was fun and enlightening at the same time. You find the timestamps (where you find out what was talked about where in the video) under the video on the live streaming page HERE

Tom at The Wisdom Factory in December 2018